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From any seat in the room, it's possible to see 515 different cans or bottles of beer and multiple dogs.

Boundless Bottles: The worst thing about visiting a brewery, beer bar or any purveyor of libations is deciding which location has a selection befitting your mood, or diverse enough for your chosen entourage. That's no longer a problem thanks to Hops & Bottles. From any seat in the room, it's possible to see 515 different cans or bottles of beer. That's not an exaggeration (but don't hold me to the exact number, either; journalists aren't the best with math). While there are 18 taps behind the bar (plus two serving wine and one serving nitro cold brew), the true genius of Hops & Bottles lies in the second part of its name: You can pick any bottle or can from the wall of fridges and drink on site.

A Buck to Open: They do charge a 'corkage fee' for any beverage you open in shop, but with most brews costing between $1.99 and $4.50, the extra dollar is still cheaper than your typical brewery. The fridges are arranged by style—the IPAs, the blondes, the darks, the imports, and even the miscellaneous, for the White Claw or spiked kombucha (really?) drinkers.

Good Boy Alert: The best thing about Hops & Bottles, after the selection, is the full-hearted acceptance of furry friends, even during winter months when the patio is rightfully unpopulated. The number of puppers, bork borks and woofers hanging around the shop at any given moment routinely surpasses the number of beers consumed. There are even two first-come-first-served dog beds. And while it's just good manners to greet every doggo that comes through the door, special attention must be given to the two shop dogs—Barley, the aged golden retriever who recently celebrated his 10th birthday, and Louie, the cutest Bernese Mountain puppy you've ever seen. 12/10, would pet him again.

What's the Happiest Hour? Monday hrough Friday, take a dollar off draft beers from 4-6 p.m.

Where to Find It: Hops & Bottles is located at 1420 W. Grove St. in Boise.

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