Baring a dirty soul 

Have you seen Allan Lee Brandt? Bear in mind, he may have been wearing a gorilla mask at the time, and you may have been reaching for the ceiling. But even if you haven't seen Brandt around, don't worry about looking for him any longer. While the suspected robber has reportedly been about as frequent a visitor to local banks in the last year as the armored truck guys--and packing nearly as much firepower--he's likely going away for a long time.

After getting arrested on August 18 for robbing a two Boise banks in a span of two hours, Brandt confessed to seven others while in custody. The reason that he copped, Brandt told KTVB Channel 7 in a bizarre half-hour interview on the station's Web site (Seriously, watch this thing. It's a mind-bender.), was, "As this FBI agent was saying, 'This is an chance to cleanse your soul.'"

That agent deserves a promotion, whoever he or she is, for recognizing that Brandt is one of those thugs who immediately begins confessing things when somebody mentions the J-word. Some of the other revelations from Brandt's interview: He admits that he was once romantically involved with an undisclosed amount of drugs ("That became my wife, cocaine."); he finally answers the question of how many dollars are in that proverbial "undisclosed amount of funds" that robbers steal ("A couple thousand or so," he says. " I didn't even look."); he says that he thought it was funny when people he was robbing stuck their arms in the air during the stickup ("It reminded me of stagecoach robberies," he says); and perhaps most poignant of all, he admits that after his most recent successful robbery, he basically just went home, changed clothes, turned around and went back to the bank to deposit those same funds to cover a $900 deficit in his checking account.

"When I robbed, I ate good," Brandt says. "And I like to dress nice."

Brandt will likely continue to be able to at least eat good for a number of years, as he faces nine counts of robbery and another six of using a firearm during a robbery.

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