Bars and Stripes Alleycat 

Though some of our truck nuts-sporting readers might think the liberal commies here at Boise Weekly don't know jack about red-blooded patriotism--to quote our friends the French--au contraire. Every year, BW hosts one of the most flag-waving, hotdog-scarfing, lighting shit on fire, ra-ra America Fourth of July parties this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

And while that might be stretching the truth a little, one thing is absolutely true: We do host an annual Independence Day event--the Bars and Stripes Alleycat--but it probably has more in common with a May Day parade than a traditional Fourth of July barbeque.

Every year, on the Saturday of the Fourth of July holiday, hundreds of tattooed bicyclists gather outside BWHQ, crack a PBR and wait patiently to receive their manifests. This year, at the strike of 4 p.m., alleycats will tear into their packets, start planning their routes across the city and race to hit up a number of bars and complete wacky tasks. Many beers, lots of sweat and a few spills later, these Bars and Stripes racers will meet up at a TBD location for a special celebratory after party.

The BW Third of July Bars and Stripes Alleycat: it's as American as tofu dogs and gluten-free apple pie.

Saturday, July 3, 3 p.m. sign-up, 4 p.m. race start (entrants capped at 125), $13, Boise Weekly Office, 523 Broad St., 208-344-2055,

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