Bars and Stripes Redux 

Inserting shameless self-promotion here: Last Saturday, Boise Weekly and Northstar Cycle Courier gathered 62 alley cat racers at the corner of 6th and Broad streets for the start of a tour de beer, two-wheel style. The mission: be the first competitor to cross the finish line after completing tasks at nine bars, traveling solely by bicycle. The prize: cash for the winner of each gender cantegory, as well as Tamarack gift certificates and tickets to Roaring Springs, Idaho Botanical Garden and Flicks.

The first competitor to cross the finish line—at O'Michael's Pub—was Jeff Buttars, sporting bumps and bruises after cutting through a car wash on State Street and sliding skin first into the pavement thanks to some suds. Unfortunately Buttars missed a stop on the manifest, and first place went instead to Paul Whitworth, who made it as far south as The Plank, as far west as the Dutch Goose, and as far north as O'Michael's Pub—with all the necessary stops in between—in 55 minutes. The official second place finisher was A.J. Wilkens, and third went to Charlie Flinn. In the women's division, Maria Andrade took an undisputed first place, followed by Erin Sweeney in second and Mary Grant in third.

See their sweaty mugs at For more information on results, visit

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