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Tools for a healthy sexual relationship

Sex is an important part of any healthy adult relationship. But the pressures of children, stress, finances, fatigue, age and health issues may cause serious strain on a couple's sex life. Problems in intimacy may lead to problems in other areas of a relationship that then become impossible to overcome. Partners who can learn to speak frankly and honestly about sex may not only save their relationship, but strengthen it.

One problem people face in maintaining a healthy sexual relationship is tedium and boredom. There are plenty of tools a couple can use to re-energize their relationship, none of which are battery operated.

The company Liberator makes an entire line of items that look like they belong in a gymnasium. They are actually sturdy foam shapes covered with Teflon-treated nylon with innocuous names like the Wedge, the Ramp, the Stage, the Esse (it is S-shaped), the Cube and the Scoop, which not only describe their function but avoid cutesy euphemisms often associated with sexually related items. They are available in a wide range of colors (though they aren't likely to become part of a room's decor) and several of the shapes come in different widths, heights and lengths to allow for the different sizes of the people purchasing them.

Another item available on the market specifically designed to help a couple enrich their sex life has a variety of names but is, put simply, a sex swing.

Used in ancient China and India, a sex or love swing is a harness usually made of canvas or nylon. A swing will hold about 200 to 400 pounds and can be mounted on a door or using a specially designed stand. Some swings have springs and some even spin, adding a twist for those who are a little more adventurous.

These items may certainly spice up a relationship, but, regardless of a person's shape, size or physical fitness, they are also geared to provide people ways to maintain a healthy sex life. Still, if a couple doesn't have the skills to communicate, all the toys in the world won't help.

Even in the healthiest of relationships, the subject of sex is sometimes a difficult one to broach. If a couple can openly discuss their sexual likes and dislikes with each other, they are more likely to carry that openness over to all other areas of their relationship. There are doctors and counselors who focus specifically on sexual aspects of a relationship and can teach a couple how to simply talk to each other. Or walk into any bookstore and there are entire sections dedicated to having and keeping a healthy sex life.

Whatever tool you choose to use--a Wedge, a swing, a book, a counseling session or all of them--if the sexual aspect of your relationship is healthy, the rest of your relationship will also benefit.

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