You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

Eat well, be happy
Charting the surprising connections between healthy food and a healthy mind.

The Inflammation Connection

What autoimmune response has to do with heart disease and depression
Some common ailments have causes you might not have considered.

Dentistry by the Numbers

20 facts about teeth to chew on
Here are a few toothsome tidbits about your chompers.

Provider's Perspective: Siberian Cedar Barrel Spa in Boise

Get healthy the Russian way
In Russia, "Siberian health" is a synonym for "good health."

Struggling to Stomach America’s Cuisine

U.S. diet take its toll on refugees
As if leaving your friends, family and home wasn't hard enough to adjust to, unfamiliar food can take its toll, too.

Share the Health

How local food entrepreneurs are filling a health niche
From paleo to protein bars, local foodies are carving out their own niches.

What’s Going Up at St. Luke’s?

Hint: A lot
It's been 22 years since St. Luke's underwent a major expansion. That may change soon.

An Integrative Approach

Exploring wholistic health care
From the story of Terry Reilly to pet care, "self" care and the doctor-patient dynamic, this second edition of Be Healthy Boise looks at health care from a multitude of angles.

Terry Reilly: Then, Now and Somewhere Down the Road

How a home-based clinic grew into one of the biggest community health care providers in Idaho
The challenge of telling the Terry Reilly story is whether to begin in the present or the past.

All Creatures Great, Small and Expensive

Why veterinary care is so costly, and rising
According to the American Pet Products Association, American pet owners spent a whopping $55.7 billion in 2013. Of that, 25 percent, or about $14.3 billion, was spent on veterinary care.

Vote For Your Own Health-Care Reform

Sonia Summer has tips for taking care of yourself
Remember when you were a kid and you skinned your knees? Didn't your body repair itself quickly and easily? That's what it's designed to do: self heal.

On Hot Dogs, Bayes' Theorum and a Good Ear

Dr. Waj Nasser shares a lesson on listening
"It's more valuable to know the patient who has the illness rather than the illness the patient has."

Editor's Note

Welcome to Be Healthy Boise
Boise Weekly's inaugural health care publication.

Straight Talk

More Idahoans dialing into Your Health Idaho for less politics, more facts
The tone of recent phone conversations at Your Health Idaho--the state's insurance exchange--is dramatically different than when workers first started fielding questions in the fall of 2013.

What the Red Fez Means

The open secret of the Shriners' service to kids
Everybody knows the Shriners from their distinctive red head gear; less known is how much they do for kids.

Cracking Kids

Chiropractic care for a healthy pregnancy and healthy children
It's hard for most women to grasp at times that pregnancy does not have to be painful. Chiropractic care, both pre- and postnatal, can help.

Cash Only

Paying out-of-pocket for health care in 2014
With all the talk about insurance coverage, it's easy to forget there's another way: paying cash for health care.

Invest in Your Health

Good food = good health
Healthy eating and exercise are the safest investments you can make.


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