Be Sure to Bid Your System and Agree Your Bids 

Kendra and Geoff Bridges attended the National Championships recently and brought back the story of this hand from a pairs game. They sat north-south and bid to the club slam despite some interference, but sought a director's ruling on the auction. It became apparent that east-west had different explanations for their bidding, so the ruling was given that they had to play the hand at 3 diamonds doubled and vulnerable. The result was the unusual score of 2300 for down 8, and a top board for Kendra and Geoff.

If you think the auction shown does not look natural, you are correct. The first bid was artificial, saying, "I have 16 or more points, not necessarily clubs." Two notrump by east was explained as showing the minor suits, hence the 3 diamond bid by west (the better of his minor suits). What east meant, and thought his partnership agreement said, was that he had length in some suit to be named later. This lack of agreement between them cost them 2300 points. The lesson to be learned is that you should spend enough time with your partner to be positive in your bidding agreements.

Winners from the Christmas Party in flight A were Revell May and Craig Jones, with the Bridges team second. From two events in the Sectional Tournaments at Clubs, Craig Jones and Joan Grimm won the Monday evening pairs, and on Tuesday, Earline Thomas and Charlotte Miller tied with Kendra Bridges and Craig Jones.

We are planning new classes for beginners and intermediates early in the New Year, so this is the time to contact us if you are interested in learning to play bridge.

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