Beach Fossils: Beach Fossils 

The hazy, self-titled debut from Brooklyn's Beach Fossils is a welcome addition to the recent slew of freshmen artists materializing out of the artistically inclined metropolis. The album swims with jangly melodies and undulating rhythms and is heavy on studious indie rock apprehension.

The music swirls in place more than it progresses, anchored by glistening guitars and dreary single-speed drumbeats. Frontman Dustin Payseur's vocals barely cling to the front; his words blur together in muffled descriptions buried beneath a haze of low-fi production and irresistible guitar hooks. The biggest payoffs come on "Window View," "Daydream" and "Vacation," songs that will keep your head bopping long into the warm summer night.

The lyrical content is rich in nostalgia, at times harping on teenage quandaries akin to a John Hughes movie, at others ruminating on basic bedroom boredom scenarios, but not without a hint of poetry: "I know I think too much / I know I waste my time," Payseur muses on "Sometimes," before reaching a level of contentment on "Youth." "I gaze out my window / scenery comes and goes / I let the time pass by / so I'll be by your side."

The chilled-out vibe is perfect for an evening bike ride or back-patio get-together. There are no illusions of grandiosity on Beach Fossils. Instead, Payseur hones in on his finely tuned hooks and milks them for all their worth. "Window View" repeats the insanely catchy guitar melody over and over again. Only after it has been stuck in your head for hours--which it inevitably will bedoes the mild repetition become a slight bother.

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