Beastie Boys Bounce Back With Another Ode to Partying 

The Boys turn up the heat with Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

To promote Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (Capitol Records), Adam Yauch, aka MCA, of the Beastie Boys wrote and directed a 30-minute short film, titled Fight For Your Right Revisited. The film chronicles exactly what happened the day following the band's pie-flinging party in the 1986 video for "Fight for Your Right." It features plenty of drug use, time travel, general hellraising and dozens of celebrity appearances. Elijah Wood plays the young Adrock.

On HSCPT, the opening track, "Make Some Noise," is another instantly memorable ode to partying: "We got a party on the left, a party on the right. / We gotta party for the motherfuckin' right to fight." But already, there's a different sound at work here. It's a technologically tweaked version of the Beastie Boys' earlier style and it replaces much of the classic distorted guitar riffing with a modern sheen of electronic rhythms. It's a sound we heard an earlier form of in the 1998 hit album Hello Nasty. The Beasties have a smooth, speedy lyrical flow in place of the shouted thrash anthems and iconic antics of their youth.

In the "Revisited" video, the Licensed to Ill-era Beastie Boys face off against their middle-aged counterparts and undergo a comical comparison of rap cred. It's fitting for this record, in which the men flex their longstanding hip-hop reputations and point out phoniness in the rap scene today. The best of these instances, "Too Many Rappers," features fellow rap veteran Nas, who gives it straight: "I'm no killer but compared to you / I'm more realer / You ain't a shot caller, mobster, or a drug dealer ... / You ain't got the cut throat in ya, beginner."

It's a fitting stance for the Beastie Boys, party pranksters who never pretended to be real gangsters, but instead invented roles for themselves in wild narratives where they were pirate thieves or anti-heroes.

[ Video is no longer available. ]
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