Beat Coach Pete Returns to Boise State 

Saturday, April 14

Put some running shoes on your feet and get ready to beat Pete.

Melissa Harris

Put some running shoes on your feet and get ready to beat Pete.

Few things may be more gratifying than outrunning a millionaire, no matter how super-nice he/she may be. For the fourth year in a row, Boise State will let you pay to experience this triumph with its annual fund-raising fun run, Beat Coach Pete.

Students can pay $15 to run with/against Boise State's head football coach Chris Peterson, who is pretty much worth his team's weight (and with a bunch of linebackers, that's probably a solid number) in gold.

Entries fees for the race do not directly fund college scholarships but crossing the finish line before Coach Pete does. Every person who passes Peterson on the approximately three-mile-long course represents a $5 donation from the coach for the Boise State general scholarship fund. In addition to feeling awesome, the first 3,000 racers will receive a T-shirt commemorating the event.

Since the competition began in 2008, Beat Coach Pete has raised $98,000 for scholarships, while in-state tuition has climbed $500 per semester. Remember that carbing up before the run is smart, but signing up before is even smarter and cheaper. Non-student runners will pay $25 to run if they register in advance, or $30 day of race.

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