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In his Dec. 4, 2013 "Note," Boise Weekly Editor-in-Chief Zach Hagadone told readers about BW's new cover art policy. In short, for the last 12 years, we've paid artists $150 per published cover art submission. After the 2013 Boise Weekly Cover Auction, which drew about 300 people to the Visual Arts Collective Nov. 20, 2013, and raised $25,270, we adjusted the policy, and published covers now score artists 30 percent of what their covers net at auction.

The average going rate for a piece of cover art is $500, but it's not unusual for a piece to go for $600-$1,000 (in 2013, Veiko Valencia's "Process of Conflict" sold for $1,000).

Since 2002, the Boise Weekly Cover Auction has netted $118,675, which has gone to organizations, grants and even BW itself. With this new policy, artists will receive a bigger slice of the pie.

In that same "Note," Hagadone introduced readers to two new members of the BW family, artistic team Tomas Montano and Kelsey Hawes, who brought with them another evolution in the cover art process: When BW began publishing works by local artists on its cover, artistic works had to be physically submitted to the Boise Weekly office at 523 Broad St. in Boise. From now on, the preferred method of art submission is electronically by high-resolution JPEGs.

In the past, BW has asked artists whose work was not selected to retrieve pieces within 30 days of submission, and works not picked up after six weeks have been discarded to the heartbreak of everyone involved. Electronic submissions will hopefully prevent such tragedies from taking place.

While BW makes being an artist pay a little better, another window is closing for artists looking to fund their creative endeavors. The Idaho Commission on the Arts is still accepting applications for Fiscal Year 2015 grants and awards, but the deadline for applications--Friday, Jan. 31--draws near.

That due date applies to artists, who may apply for up to $1,500 for projects or $10,000 for a Writer in Residence grant; non-educational organizations for up to $1,500 for projects or formula-driven grants; and arts education organizations like schools for $1,500 for projects or $15,000 for an Arts Education Project Grant.

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