Being in Jail is a Bitch 

If Coreen Rae Culbreth of Coeur d'Alene paid more attention to her voice mail, maybe she wouldn't be facing felony charges of burglary and malicious injury to property. Then again, if she's really the type of person who would rather break into an animal shelter than pay a $40 fine, her situation was probably inevitable.

According to a story in the Coeur d'Alene Press, Culbreth was arrested after a video surveillance camera in a local animal shelter spotted her forcing her way in and freeing her black lab, which had been captured as a stray. This wasn't the first time Culbreth's beast had been imprisoned, despite the fact that it had her telephone number engraved on its tags. But when both the people who found her dog and a shelter worker called the number and heard that the owner's voice mailbox was full, their best intentions were for naught.

"Coreen said she knew she would have to pay a fine, that's why she illegally entered the shelter to recover her dog," said officer Mark Knapp in the arrest report, as quoted in the story. "She said it was a foolish thing to do."

However, as the saying goes, Culbreth said a lot of things. For instance, she said that she found a shelter door unlocked when she went to pick up her dog the Sunday before Memorial Day. However, the story reports that Culbreth was given the additional charge of malicious injury to property after shelter workers reported that they had found the door forced open.

After viewing the tape on Memorial Day, officers went to Culbreth's home and saw the dog peering out the window. Culbreth was taken into custody, and the black lab was released on his own redognizance. That's right, I said redognizance. What are you going to do about it?

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