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Outbreak of norovirus at Eagle Island State Park

Get your shots before you put on your shorts.

Jessica Murri

Get your shots before you put on your shorts.

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The water at Eagle Island State Park is 12 feet deep and with a temperature hovering around 80 degrees, maybe it shouldn't have come as a shock when more than 100 people got sick after swimming in it earlier this summer. It wasn't from elevated levels of E. coli; the water became contaminated with norovirus after an infected person visited the park and spread the stomach bug. Never having had to deal with norovirus before, folks at the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation were left scratching their heads. They promised to drain the lake but could only drop the water level three feet. The park's 600 parking spots sat empty for weeks while IDPR hoped the sun would kill the virus. It did and since the park reopened, no further illnesses have been reported.

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