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Los Betos Mexican Food

To borrow a phrase, burritos are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Worship at the altar of tortilla-wrapped goodness at Los Betos Mexican Food, famed for its large portions and small price points.

2nd Place: Tango's Empanadas—Almost a decade ago, we wrote in Best of Boise that "an empanada is a little puff of heaven." Nothing has changed since then and we'll stand by that statement. Need proof? Visit Tango's Empanadas, where they boast more than 30 varieties of the heavenly puffs, including meat, cheese, vegetarian and dessert options—all for $2.75 or less.

3rd Place: Tin Roof Tacos—This is a tale of two sisters, Texas and tacos. The sisters, from Texas, love tacos. So much so, they pulled up stakes and brought their vision to Boise with Tin Roof Tacos, which opened in early 2016 on Broadway Avenue. Though relatively new to the local food scene, Boiseans have found much to admire beneath this tin roof. And the prices? Well, they say everything's bigger in Texas, but the per-taco cost doesn't reflect the joint's outsized lineage.


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