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Best Bike Ride for a Non-Biker 

Behind the VA Hospital

Editors' Picks

Living downtown and not using a bike as your primary source of transportation is like being a vegetarian clerk at Arby's: People look at you weird, and even you start to wonder what's wrong with you. Though you don't have a bumper sticker on your cruiser that reads, "My other car is a bike, too," and the only time you've ever worn Spandex was when you and your friends dressed up as Motley Crue for Halloween, you can still take the old Schwinn out for a casual ride once in a while. If you're afraid of crossing the bike path of the diehard riders because you have to stop your bike and get off to get your two-wheeler up a curb, try a little ride around the Veterans hospital on Fort Street. The grounds are immaculate (we've even seen rabbits hopping around there), it's all paved and there's even a hill with enough of an incline that though you may not be getting a serious cardio workout, you'll still feel a bit of a burn. Plus, you might get lucky enough to have a resident or two toss you a friendly little wave as you pedal by. Just make sure you're not trespassing.

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