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Boise Bargain Basket

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When 99 cent and liquidation stores began popping up in every strip mall in every city in the United States, consumers flocked to them like flies to, well, you know what. We didn't even mind that what we were buying was shit. But the Boise Bargain Basket has helped raise our expectations and still give us huge discounts. When manufacturers want to stock a new line of items on big-box store shelves (what are they, fashion designers?), BBB scoops up the old ones and sells them at, well, a bargain. At BBB, you can also find fresh produce and a great wine selection, and when you're done shopping, stop into the adjoining coffee shop for a cuppa and a sandwich. The only caveat is if you find something you love at BBB, buy a ton of it. It may not be there the next time you go in. We're still bummed that we didn't buy every jar of dolmas on the shelf.

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