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The Deal

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The Treasure Valley is chock full o' art: visual art, performance art and all of the organizations that support this vital part of our community. As visual artists themselves, Amy Westover and Jennifer Wood understood that a missing piece of our art culture was a sense of connection among artists. Thus, they created The Deal. Westover and Wood presided as the deck's jokers, and sent 108 people and organizations, whose work is valued in the arts community, a set of questions and a request for an image that best represented them. With help in part from a grant by from this alternative weekly, the images were placed on one side of the high-gloss laminated cards, and answers to five of the 30 possible questions on the other. The Jokers then hosted a small number of trading parties, including ones at Visual Arts Collective, J Crist Gallery and

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--all of which had cards--and both sold and gave away cards. The excitement at each party was palpable as people scrambled and schemed to complete their decks. Many of those represented on the cards were in attendance at the parties, and someone came up with the brilliant idea of having them sign their individual cards. Both Westover and Wood were pleased with the success of project and said they would love to turn it over next year to someone new.
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