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Where else can you find a Renaissance-inspired trench coat next to over-the-knee socks and a silk kimono dress? A $400 leather hobo bag next to a puffy sleeved, floral-print sheer blouse? We ask you, where?

The big brother of Urban Outfitters (already open in BoDo) announced its impending arrival earlier this year, with plans to open a 9,000-square-foot store on Idaho Street between Eighth and Ninth streets. The location known as the old Mode Building isn't good enough for the uber-hip marketing geniuses at Anthropologie. No, a simple street address isn't edgy enough for the kind of people who own hairless cats. When Anthropologie arrives at the end of the year, the block will be rechristened "Block 44." Don't get it? It's located on the 44th block of the city's grid map. Feel smarter now?

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