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Best Cinnamon Challenge 

Matador's tequila chaser

Staff Pick

No matter how fine or expensive, even the smoothest all-agave, extra anejo tequila can impart an acrid taste--although it's easy to forgive as a boozy warmth spreads through your torso--and rather than let that detract from the experience, following a sip (or gulp) with the right thing can make tequila a nectar of the gods. With nearly 100 tequilas on site, Matador (yeah, yeah, it's not technically local) knows a little something about how to get the most out of the agave liquor, and it's not the ubiquitous lime-and-salt chaser, which does help cut the bitter taste of cheap tequila. The folks at Matador recommend a cinnamon-sugar shot with all of their tequilas. It enhances the booze's natural essence, giving it a layered flavor and making that warm sensation a little sweeter.

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