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Best Example of a Media Outlet Behaving Like An Overprotective Stage Mother 

Idaho Statesmanon behalf of Trevor Hattabaugh

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Earlier this year, 11-year-old stand-up comic Trevor Hattabaugh was banned from performing at the Funny Bone. Not because he didn't have the comedic chops, but because the Alcohol Beverage Control arm of the Idaho State Police said he couldn't perform there anymore. Why? Because the Funny Bone Comedy Club—hold your hats—IS A COMEDY CLUB! People go to comedy clubs to chain-smoke, get good and liquored up and laugh their asses off at the dirty jokes. A comedy club is not a place for grade-schoolers regardless of which side of the invisible fourth wall they're on. Hattabaugh stated that while he was in the club, his parents were always with him and he didn't drink. Fine, but I think that's the same thing Drew Barrymore said at the premiere party for ET and look what happened to her. So, young Hattabaugh was forced out of the club and back to the world of chalk dust and construction paper. Word gets out: Hotshot comedian Eddie Brill decides to do a show with the kid, and taxpayer money is wasted on a proposed "Trevor Bill," which would allow youngsters to perform in a bar, er, um, comedy club. Big deal, right? Apparently, it is a big deal to one local media outlet, which decided to take on the role of Hattabaugh's knight errant by running the story no less than three times: March 23, on the front page of the Life section, March 23 middle spread of Scene and the March 20 cover story in Thrive.

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