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Best Form of Exercise That You Really Can Be Too Old to Learn 

Break Dancing

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During an interview with break dancing battle organizer Rhetoric Style of MTTheory, we asked if calling break dancers "breakers" made us sound if we were stuck in the '80s. They played it cool and didn't call us out, but something tells us we need to catch up. MTTheory is a clothing, skate and snowboard company that hosts break dancing at different venues around Boise. The competitions bring in dancers from different parts of the country to take on local groups like the B-Boys of Boise led by Kevin Chapton. Break dancing might have started with popping, "the robot" and freezing in positions that would make any Pilates teacher proud, but it has evolved into a cool urban expression that sets it apart from other dance crazes. Be warned, though, not just anyone can pull off the required moves. So if you associate breakin' with parachute pants, neon colors and a comb in your back pocket, it might be best to stick with a simpler form of dance if you don't want to break a hip.

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