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Best Freshman Graduation 

Second annual Boise's Funnies Person

Staff Pick

Kaz Gable isn't originally from Idaho. He's not even from the Mountain West. Before moving to Idaho from Wisconsin, he'd barely heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, had never seen a whistle pig and was more-or-less unacquainted with racist car decals. On Aug. 2 at the second annual Boise's Funniest Person showcase at Liquid, Gable expertly parlayed his quasi-ignorance of the Gem State--and his "high-level dick jokes"--into comedy gold, earning him the title of Boise's Funniest Person. Gable went home with bragging rights, a more confident swagger, thicker, more luxurious hair and a $1,000 prize after beating strong contenders Gabe Hess, Merry Cole, Tommy Chartier and Brett Kennedy. Welcome to Boise, you funny sonuvagun.

(Sorry, no information is currently available for other years in this same award category.)


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