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Boise City Council

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On more than one occasion, we whippersnappers at Boise Weekly have sent a barb to those political leaders we refer to as the old white guard. (Sometimes we even add "male" in there somewhere for a more accurate complaint.) You know, the good old boys who are fond of slapping each other on the back over at a certain very exclusive club after taking yet another swipe at women's rights or hacking even deeper into education funding. They are the same dudes who all kind of look about the same--older and grayer than the majority of their constituents. Never, however, have we written those words with the Boise City Council in mind. Currently, three of the six members of the Boise City Council are under the hill, so to speak, and if there's any backslapping going on among Council Members Lauren McLean, Ben Quintana and TJ Thomson, it's after they've finished a marathon over the weekend.

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