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Best Idaho Visual Artist 

Ben Wilson

Readers' Picks

Can't say we're surprised here, y'all. Mr. Wilson's graphic illustrations have graced the pages--and covers--of Boise Weeklyfor lo these many years, and we've always thought him a winner. Wilson's story illustrations are so popular in the BWnewsroom, members of the editorial staff have been known to chuff like angry, envious lions when one of us gets a Wilson piece to accompany his or her article. Wilson's designs often combine biology and mechanics, reality and surrealism, the natural world and man-made environments and, no matter how charming and whimsical they may be, they are always thought-provoking. It's the kind of art you can look at again and again, finding something new in them each time. Well done, readers. Well done.

Second Place: Ward Hooper

Third Place: Erin Cunningham


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