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Best Idaho Visual Artist 

Erin Cunningham

Readers' Picks

Like a warm zephyr gently brushing blades of grass that turns into gusts of wind capable of bending young trees, Erin Cunningham's work has moved to the top of Boise's art scene with a quiet, yet powerful force. It is surreal, amusing and thought-provoking, sometimes all at once. At a time in our culture when the Internet allows us to see so much that we can't always be sure our ideas are really ours, Cunningham's work is always original and smart. And whether it's her use of vibrant color or a lack of it in favor of lines and white space, Cunningham's creations never fail to provoke a reaction and comment on the human condition, something only the best art can do.

Second Place: Kelly Knopp

Third Place: Tie, Ward Hooper and Ben Wilson


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