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Thrive goes bye-bye

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We're drowning in crocodile tears around here.

The giant, sclerotic fluffy bunny that was Thrive(!), didn't. Created in a blatant attempt to sink the mighty dinghy that is the BW, the Idaho Statesman-generated B.S. machine finally went belly up this spring.

And lo, there was a wailing and gnashing of teeth. What would we do to get our fix of gleeful, narcissistic positivity every week? Whether it was the sunny-side up articles about new restaurants, the shiny-happy-people focus on local personalities or the canned movie reviews, there was so much to brighten our work week.

Thrive(!) lasted about five years, begun by the monster newspaper chain Gannett, which sold the Statesman to Knight-Ridder, which in turn handed the hot potato off to McClatchy.

Word of Thrive's demise had been in the offing for weeks. Statesman editors avoided our calls like the plague when we tried to confirm the rumors. Reports of grumbling Thrivers trickled back.

Finally, ad salespeople began telling their clients that the jig was up. In so doing, salespeople said that Thrive(!) had become a duplicate of Scene, by re-running the same articles, photos and calendar items. (We were especially fond of the triple-recycle maneuver they pulled from time to time, running the same article in Scene, Thrive(!) and in the Statesman's Life section.)

We don't really know what Thrive(!) might have been, had they let their obviously talented writers actually do some thoughtful work. Now we'll never know. And we're OK with that.

Perfect, we ain't. Still kicking, we is.

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