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Paolo Nutini at Knitting Factory Concert House

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When the skinny Scot with the big Italian name hit Boise for the first time, the audience was left with one lingering question: Was he high, drunk or was that just part of the act? While he and his band cranked out one great song after another to the adulation of an adoring crowd, Nutini staggered around the stage looking a bit like Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he first got out of bed. Onlookers cringed when he made a staggering step over a water bottle rolling around near the edge of the stage and when he left the mic stand lying across the stage, which he continually crossed over. Still, the audience should have been reassured by two simple facts: No. 1, he never dropped a beat, and No. 2, he never spilled a drop of his beer.

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