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Best Kiss and Make Up for the Cameras 

Vern Bisterfeldt and Sharon Ullman

Editors' Picks

They're like Sammie and Ronnie or Snookie and The Situation--but without all the bronzer, booze and scandalous sex. Ada County Commissioners Vern Bisterfeldt and Sharon Ullman haven't always played nice together. Back in the day, when Bisterfeldt served on the commission from 1987-1999, he and then-commissioner Gay Glenn told then-citizen Ullman that her testimony at commission hearings would be restricted because she "offered no meaningful input to the public policy process." In January, when Bisterfeldt vacated his seat on the Boise City Council to be sworn in on the county commission once again, it was reported five days earlier he'd hired a private investigator to snoop into Ullman. Bisterfeldt declined to divulge what he was investigating or the outcome of the investigation, but at Bisterfeldt's swearing in, both he and Ullman swore up and down they'd be civil and productive and play nice together. Our vote? Put 'em on MTV's Rivals and let the games begin.

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