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Bill Cope

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He tried to tell you not to pick him, sort of. But you did anyway. More than any other ingredient in BW's pages, it's ol' Cope that people ask about when editors are introduced around town. "Boy, that Bill Cope is really something," they'll inevitably say. Of course, the next part of their statement is crucial. Something ... what? Good? Bad? Irritating as hell?

This year, he achieved a new height of infamy: A column of his on primary voting is an actual exhibit in a Republican activists group's lawsuit against Idaho's primary voting laws. Top that one next year, Cope.

Whether he's eviscerating the powerful, bemoaning the loss of the beautiful, or just embarrassing the heck out of his daughter by writing about her adolescence, Cope manages to draw in readers (and those who comment online) like nobody's business. Our favorite part is when politicians try to get us to have him write about certain subjects. We might sooner direct a bull through a china shop. No thanks.

We know, Cope: you tried to get them to vote otherwise. But just like you, our readers are independent cusses sometimes.

Second Place: Tim Woodward

Third Place: Dan Popkey


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