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Antique World Mall

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Want a lunchbox from Rome? How about a beau petit morceau de bijoux from Paris? Been looking for a dusty little British book? You don't need a plane ticket or a Paypal account to get those things. You'll probably find them at the Antique World Mall. The huge complex contains aisles and aisles--all named for famous European cities--lined with every vintage, antique and hard-to-find collectible item imaginable. Chairs and chests share space with journals and jewelry, vintage hats sit next to vintage stuffed cats, beautiful brooches sit near big, bound books. You can lose yourself for hours in Antique World Mall. Arrive on a sunny Saturday morning and scoot out at closing time as the sun is setting, and you might almost think you spent a day browsing through a European open air market.

Second Place: Blue Moon Antiques

Third Place: Once Upon a Time


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