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Best Local Bakery 

Zeppole Baking Company

Humans have been making bread for at least 10,000 years and, for much of that time, Zeppole has been at the top of the Best Local Bakery list (OK, that might be stretching it a little). Whether they're using its famous ciabatta for dipping, the Village Loaf for sandwiches—or visiting its delis on Parkcenter Boulevard or downtown, Boiseans are passionate about Zeppole.

2nd Place: Guru Donuts—When Guru Donuts first opened at its location on Capitol Boulevard, downtowners started eating their desserts before their meals. In the summer of 2016, it reopened in a larger spot in the Idanha, complete with a huge glass display case, a larger kitchen and loads of posh seating. Next thing you know, they'll be calling it a bakery.

3rd Place: Pastry Perfection—If there's a word that sums up Pastry Perfection, it's "cake." Since 1983, this Boise staple has been making cakes in epic quantities for every conceivable cause for celebration completely from scratch. Find hundreds of them, as well as donuts, cookies, breads and rolls at its location on Glenwood Street.


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