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Best Local Bang-for-Your-Buck Meal 

Baguette Deli

Readers' Picks

How nice of them to put what you can expect inside right there in the name. What they don't tell you is that there's a wee bit more. Oh, like beignets, pork pate chaud, croissants, spring rolls, egg rolls, banh tieu, bubble tea and sandwiches like chicken (thit ga), grilled beef (bo nuong), meat balls (xiu mai) and more with cucumber, pickled veggies, cilantro and jalapeno. And you can get one of those big, stuffed bad boys for about $5. Drop a tenner on the counter, and you'll walk away with a sandwich, a drink and a handful of beignets. Have we mentioned we can hardly wait for the downtown location to open?

Second Place: The Capri

Third Place: Los Betos


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