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Barnes and Noble

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There comes a time in the life of every bibliophile when he or she enters a Barnes and Noble for the first time and realizes that there really is a place for people like them. All that book lovers of the world need in life can be found in this gargantuan repository. Row upon row of books of all description entice visitors to wander as whim commands.

From volumes of classic Greek literature to the latest paperback thriller, this store has it all, including and not limited to: cookbooks, self-help, travel, children's, technical manuals, history, horror, philosophy, fiction, science, religion, metaphysics and poetry. There are even activities like book clubs and character appearances for the children. But in the center of the store is the crowning jewel—a full coffee bar. There are books, caffeine, cookies, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and a reader's group area—no one ever needs to leave.

Second Place: Borders Books and Music

Third Place: Trip Taylor Bookseller


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