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Best Local Chinese Food 

Yen Ching

For 30 years now, Yen Ching has been the go-to downtown spot for Chinese. Peruse its menu and you'll find everything you'd expect—and we mean everything. From standards like chow mein and dim sum to chicken feet with black bean sauce and braised tripe, you're not going to find a more expansive (and less expensive) board of Chinese fare.

2nd Place: Mai Thai Restaurant and Bar—As the name would suggest, Mai Thai specializes in Thai cuisine, but its selection of rice bowl offerings—a few of which could be described as Chinese-inspired—are hot ticket lunch items. And, in the $11-$12 range, their price is right.

3rd Place: Golden Star Restaurant—If you find yourself craving Chinese food on the Boise Bench, hitch your wagon to Golden Star Restaurant on Orchard street. Located in an unmissable historic rock-fronted storefront in a plaza that bears its name, Golden Star has been offering its "taste of the Orient" for more than 50 years. You can't beat that longevity, nor can you beat Golden Star's prices.


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