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Best Local Cocktails 

Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery

Readers' Picks

We're equal opportunity drinkers here at BW, but have to admit it's hard to compete with a place that distills its own gin, rum and vodka. Bardenay takes its cocktails seriously, doing little things like storing some liquors and garnishes in the freezer to minimize dilution, fresh squeezing juices and even using thin-rimmed glasses. The menu of cocktails reads like a novel, combining the classics with originals like the Iguanabana, Bad Apple, El Diablo Sangrita, Jamaican 10 Speed, Mad Hatter and Huckleberry Infusion. Just scanning the list of gourmet cocktails makes us think we haven't done enough drinking in our lives.

Second Place: Red Feather Lounge

Third Place: Neurolux


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