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Boise Art Museum

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Boise Art Museum is a bastion of art and culture in Boise, and without it, our fair city would be darkened. BAM provides a place for all Boiseans, young and old, to absorb something as necessary to our well-being as vitamins: art. With the number of incredible exhibits that have passed through BAM's doors, if the walls could talk, they would be constantly complimenting each other like Mac and Tosh, the very proper Looney Tunes squirrels. "Remember that time you had those Jun Kaneko pieces hanging on you? You looked amazing." "Thank you. How much did you love featuring the An My Le photos on you?" "Very much. I was lucky to get that one. I thought you were particularly fetching when you supported Catherine Chalmers' 'American Cockroach.' You held them perfectly." "So kind of you. I must say, Andrea Merrell's 'Measure of Man' looked sublime on you." "Lovely, weren't they?"

Second Place: Idaho Historical Museum

Third Place: Idaho Shakespeare Festival


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