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Balcony Club

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As if there were any choice other than the Balcony herself. Sure, we've all been smashed out of our gourds on the dance floor in front of Neurolux's glowing crown a half hour before last call, dancing with a drink in each hand but spilling most of both as we attempt to cross the Roger Rabbit with the Moonwalk in a fit of pure boozed-up ridiculousness. And, after a long night of partying with Fame Fifteen, we've danced in the Electrolounge with a stranger whose birthday celebration has boiled down to waaaay too much booze, an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction and dancing with two strangers who'd spent a whole night bar hopping all over town. Or maybe that's just us. What we do know is for sure: Balcony is the queen bee when it comes to dancing in B-town. Second floor entrance and cover charge be damned, Boise loves to shake its collective groove thang at Balcony. Lucky for all you weekend butt-shaking warriors, Balcony is mighty gay and straight friendly.

Second Place: Neurolux

Third Place: China Blue


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