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Best local dessert 

Le Cafe de Paris

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We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Boise for pulling the cheesecake out of its mouth. Last year, a corporate joint took first in this category for its overindulgent, giganto-sized, mega-sugared cheesecake. This year, we're proud to report that Le Cafe de Paris takes the cake, and the chocolate mouse, and the croissant and, well, just about any sugary bit of baked indulgence. For this, we applaud you, voters. As for Le Cafe de Paris, we'll start with a true story: There's an entire dessert menu. We've seen it with our very own eyes. More than a dozen choices, pictures included, and almost everything you order will require the words "au chocolat," so start practicing your French pronunciation.

Second Place: Fanci Freeze

Third Place: Chandlers Steakhouse


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