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Best Local DJ or Radio Personality 

Ken Bass and Tim Johnstone, KRVB 94.9 FM The River

Readers' Picks

In a venn diagram of River listeners and BW readers, we'd reckon there's so much overlap of the two species that, from a distance, the picture might look like one big circle. We're kind of like one big, happy family--BW and Ken and Tim and all of you. It's not much of a surprise they took first place among BW readers, especially given their stellar lineup of regular guests, like the fab Dirt Diva, and frequent guests, like Mayor Dave Bieter. They make us laugh. Sometimes they make us laugh so hard we cry. Either way, they get us up in the morning, and for at least a little while, make the world seem like an OK place.

Second Place: Mike and Kate, KCIX Mix 106 FM,

Third Place: Nic and Big J, KQXR 100.3 FM The X,


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