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Best local DJ/Radio Personality 

Ken Bass and Tim Johnstone, KRVB 94.9 The River

Readers' Picks

Rock test! Name the reigning champions of Best of Boise's best DJ category. Here's a hint: There are two of them. Is it A: Bill and Ted, B: Amos and Andy or C: Ken and Tim? Here's another hint: Their names are in bold nine lines above. Ken Bass and Tim Johnstone, The River's dynamic morning duo, have been claiming numero uno in this category for so long that we can appropriately refer to them as "The Reigning Champions" (note the all caps, which indicate a level of importance akin to that of Their Royal Highnesses). Ken and Tim have spent mornings together for years, and according to BW readers, they're a wake-up call you don't hit snooze on. Whether they get you out of bed, through the morning commute or into the workday, we're confident they'll admit to being happy to oblige.

Second Place: Mike and Kate, KCIX Mix 106

Third Place: KeKe Luv, KSAS 103.3 KISS FM


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