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Best Local Fries 

Boise Fry Co.

The level of attention that Boise Fry Co. dedicates to its fries does Idaho proud. Burgers are served not as entrees, but as sides to the main event: heaps of deep fried local potatoes in cuts and colors that change daily. The potato options are seasonal, but favorites include russet, gold, Laura, sweet, purple and Okinawa served up in cuts ranging from regular and homestyle to shoestring and the signature "po' balls." Don't forget to salt your pile to taste and choose the perfect dip from the fry sauce buffet.

2nd Place: Bittercreek Alehouse—When it comes to fries, Bittercreek is famed not only for where it gets them (in the form of organic potatoes from local farms Kings Crown Org. and M&M Heath Farms) but what it puts on them: Toppings include cheese curds, gravy, braised pork, black beans and more.

3rd Place: Highlands Hollow—The hand cut fries at Highlands Hollow are served in mile-high piles that have been described on Yelp as head-sized—or larger, if the head in question is a smallish one. If you want the best deep-fried bang for your buck, The Hollow should be your go-to spot.


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