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Best Local Frozen Treat 

Fanci Freez

Readers' Picks

Step No. 1: Order a Boston shake (one part shake, one part sundae). Step No. 2: Order a large helping of freaking-hot Tater Tots. Step three: dunk tot into frozen ice cream shake/sundae concoction. Step four: repeat. Awww, yeah. Fanci Freez is a force to be reckoned with in this category, but serious props to Blue Cow for making an excellent showing its first year. Now, if the two joined forces--make your own frozen sundae/shake concoction--they'd be unstoppable. But until then, the Fanci with its 1 million shake combinations and retro chic thang remains the fanciest freeze of them all.

Second Place: Blue Cow Frozen Yogurt

Third Place: Delsa's Ice Cream Parlour


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