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Best Local Frozen Treat 

Fanci Freez

Readers' Picks

Two words: Boston milkshake. A case of the indecisions can be a bitch, especially when it comes to sweet things. So why not just order one thing that's really the two things you wanted put together? Like a milkshake and a sundae. It's a choose-your-own adventure on two fronts: Choose your shake flavor and your sundae flavor. Then the Fanci Freez-ers mix 'em up, and voila, there's your two-in-one. But Fanci Freez didn't win best two-in-one treat, they won best frozen treat. Which means we'll have to talk about the other umpteen flavors of spins, malts, shakes, sundaes and cones. Or you could just go sample a few for yourselves. It's da best.

Second Place: Cold Stone Creamery

Third Place: Goody's Soda Fountain


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