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Renewal Consignment Homewares

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In a time of increasing interest and emphasis on "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," Renewal Consignment Homewares found its niche. Shopping for furniture at the consignment shop does not feel like rummaging around and sifting through a thrift store. With a brick storefront and hardwood floors, Renewal is the Pottery Barn of used furniture. It's also an ideal fit for folks ready for a change and stuck with too much stuff (like their spouse's favorite chair, which they swear is the most comfortable thing they've ever sat on, but is actually way too big and doesn't match anything else in the room). Renewal gives sellers 60 percent of the price for their item once it's purchased, making it almost guaranteed that they'll be back as buyers.

2nd Place: CHF Home Furnishings,

3rd Place: Ennis Fine Furniture,


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