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OK, here's the scenario: You look around your home and realize that couch and mattress you picked up off the curb back in college and the papasan chair just aren't going to cut it anymore (besides, no one should ever have a roadside mattress). Scenario No. 2: Your living room is looking tired, even though the furnishings are in fine shape. Luckily, both of these scenarios have the same solution: Renewal. For years, Boiseans have been heading downtown to find fun and unique pieces of furniture and accessories for way less than the price tag for new items. At the same time, those looking to update have brought their gently used wears to the store to be displayed and sold. Talk about a symbiotic relationship. Need a vintage red chaise lounge to fit in with your fabulous old Hollywood/Edwardian decor? Your best bet is probably Renewal. Looking for a massive mirror, some decorative vases and a towering bookshelf? Start at Renewal. Besides, the sale room in the basement is one of the best values around.

Second Place: CHF Home Furnishings

Third Place: The Bench Commission


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