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Best Local Gardening Store/Nursery 

Edwards Greenhouse

Readers' Picks

It's pretty hard to beat Edwards Greenhouse. In fact, in Best of Boise land--where the hanging fuchsia pots and wind chimes sway eternally in the warm summer breeze--it's almost impossible. Every year we ask you green-thumbed readers where to find the best place in town to show up with an empty wheel barrow and leave with a bounty of flowers, herbs and sapling veggie starts, and every year, you emphatically cry, "Edwards." Well, you've got good taste, friends. And with good taste comes tasty garden goods. And they're particularly tasty this year, after Edwards had to rise from the shards of a major wind storm that tore up the landmark nursery and smashed its glass greenhouse. But employees and community volunteers rallied to clean up the mess, and Edwards was once again serving the botanically inclined. If you're not currently sitting in an abundant backyard oasis, munching on a fresh array of Edwards Momma Mia and Lemon Boy tomatoes, we implore you: Bookmark BOB, put it down gently and make your way down Hill Road to Edwards to find out what you've been missing. Next summer, you'll thank us.

Second Place: Zamzows

Third Place: Greenhurst Nursery


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