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Best Local Gay Friendly Bar 

Balcony Club

Readers' Picks

It's almost unfair to crown a winner in this category because all three contenders are like old pals who go way back but because of some ninth grade rivalry don't really talk anymore even though they share the same circle of friends. Besides, it's not like Balcony Club is any "gay-friendlier" than the E-Club or Lucky Dog, right? But, in the words of the immortals: There can be only one. So we took a closer look at the votes and realized yes indeedy, BW readers, you had a preference. Balcony, stand up, baby, and take a bow. Blow kisses to Minerva, wink at all those fabulous men tending bar and buy yourself a shot because you, darling, are the best.

Second Place: Lucky Dog

Third Place: Emerald Club


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