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Best Local Gift Shop 

Mixed Greens has gifts in every color of the rainbow.

Kelsey Hawes

Mixed Greens has gifts in every color of the rainbow.

Mixed Greens

Jewelry, bath products, home and garden decor, stationery, bath products, scarves—they all add to the color and mood of this family-owned boutique on Ninth Street. "We love to hear shoppers laugh out loud at a card, exclaim 'Wow, there's so much good stuff in here' or let us know they wouldn't mind spending all day wandering the store" reads the store website.

2nd Place: Flying M—Come for the coffee, stay a while longer for a pastry, but for goodness sakes spend some time in one of the coolest gift shops in town. If you can't find that special birthday or holiday gift here, you're simply not trying.

3rd Place: Dragonfly—The jewelry counter is wonderful, the scarves are gorgeous, and the pop-culture tchotchkes are tops, but one of the best things about Dragonfly is a corner of the store packed to the ceiling with colorful, cozy socks.


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