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Warm Springs Golf Course

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Here's an easy way to recognize when you're in a golfing town: There's a city-owned course, and it's a good one. In fact, in the case of Warm Springs, it's a great one. What could a municipal course have going for it? Well, how about setting for one? Warm Springs is nestled between the Boise Foothills and the Boise River, putting it firmly in the middle of some of the most desirable real estate in the valley. How about condition for No. 2? Warm Springs boasts sweeping fairways lined with towering trees. And, how about wildlife for the third great attribute? Golfers often become wildlife watchers as an array of birds are joined by deer, the occasional elk and a whole biology lesson of critters that make their home along the river. Despite all that wildlife, really the only thing to avoid is the abundant remnants left behind by the geese. Watch your step and pray your ball doesn't have a really sloppy lie--and in this case, it can be really sloppy. Still, Warm Springs has the distinct feel of a hometown course, which it is.

Second Place: Shadow Valley Golf Course

Third Place: Quail Hollow Golf Course


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