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Best Local Golf Course 

Warms Springs Golf Course

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The game of golf is no longer reserved for wealthy men with too much time on their hands and a seriously skewed sense of fashion. Well, on second thought, pastel plaid is kind of cool.

Thanks in part to cultural phenomena like Caddyshack and icons like Tiger Woods, golf has made its way into our living rooms (there's an entire cable channel devoted to the pros on and off the course), our conversations and, of course, our free time. It's not as easy as it looks, but if you'd like to try your hand at the game—or even if you're an old pro—stroll the links at Warm Springs Golf Course. It's a public course, so even the Happiest Gilmore can access the greens, cruise the course in a cart and daydream of some excited announcer yelling, "(Insert Your Name Here) has just eagled on the 18th to win the tournament!"

Second Place: Banbury Golf Course

Third Place: Shadow Valley Golf Course


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